It is hard enough for you to run your business, without having to know the rules for tax and accounts for HP, leasing and buying equipment.

Our team understands that every financial decision you make is important, and where or how you spend your money matters. 

Some points to consider before making these decisions are:

  1. Will you be able to cover any maintenance costs that will incur should you buy equipment outright?
  2. Does your business have a good credit rating?
  3. Is your cash flow consistent enough to sustain monthly payments?

Our specialists can assist you in considering these points and can calculate the tax and VAT effect of each of the options, as getting it right can save you money.

We can also let you know how your accounts will look if you take out HP, if you lease and if you buy.

Lewis Brownlee is here to help you.

If you would like to discuss your options with us, or would just like to speak to one of our Agricultural and Horticultural Specialists you can call us on 01243 782 423 or head to our contact page and they will be in touch!