Audit & Assurance

Do you hate audit? We adore it!


An audit designed specifically for your needs, rather than an audit based on a set of procedures

Quality Advice

Advising you of significant issues for those charged with governance and suggestions to assist your day-to-day accounts staff.

Not just auditors

We use qualified accountants to lead our on-site services; accountants who specialise in audit, rather than just auditors.

Combined Approach

We also work with a number of ‘Big 4’ firms in Europe and the USA, providing individually designed audit services to UK subsidiaries to meet their requirements.


Audits are carried out efficiently by experienced staff, ensuring you understand the choices you’ve made.


Time is limited for all finance departments. Our efficient audit services save your staff time and provide the assistance you need

Do you need flexibility?

No matter the size or sector, our team can provide an audit designed specifically for you

How can we help you?

  • We can mold our services to you; whether you’re a sole trader, a partnership, or limited liability companies. Lewis Brownlee will ensure that our work is performed and designed specific to your requirements.
  • You need more than the immediate compliance issues. Our staff can advise your and your staff to ensure that you’re making the correct steps with your day-to-day accounting procedures.¬†
  • From our qualified accountants that lead our on-site services to our trainees that spend time training as accountants before they join our audit teams; we pride ourselves in being more than just auditors. It is because of this, that we can provide you with a well-rounded service that can assist your business in a way most auditors can’t.

Assurance Services

  • We provide tailored assurance services that can be trusted by the key stakeholders and meet your specifications.

Statutory / External Audit Services

  • Our statutory and voluntary audit services are offered to a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors.
  • As part of our service, our role is to understand your business and add value to it by equipping you with advice & information that we can attain from the audit we provide.
  • ¬†Different types of audits we can provide are:
  • Statutory audit
  • Charities audit
  • Not for profit organisation audit
  • Pension audit
  • SRA audit

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