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Are you looking to sell your business?

Planning on retiring,
or looking for investment?

Enquire today for an expert valuation
of your business worth!

Business Valuations

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Looking to sell shares in your company?

Require investment or
planning your retirement?

Take the first step by setting up a meeting today with one of our expert advisers to determine the value of your business shares.

Share Valuations

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A shareholder’s agreement is an important step to ensure all parties agree to all aspects of the company’s operations.

Contact us today for a tailor-made shareholders agreement, to outline expectations of the company operations, business decisions,
shareholder limitations
and much more…

Shareholder Agreements

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Get your financials in order with one of our expert reviews of your financial information and in-house procedures.

Completing due diligence will not only provide potential investors with clarity on your business finances and procedures, but also gives you peace of mind that your business is in order!

Due Diligence Report

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Improve clarity and communication
within your company with one of our tailor-made business structure charts.

Detailed illustration of all lines of authority
and employees within your company

Charts to suit all company sizes,
from large groups to SME’s

Business Structure Chart

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Looking to improve efficiency and gain clarity on your accounting systems?

Book a health check now.

Full review of current accounting
systems and procedures, recommendations and implementation with full support and training. Bespoke accounting software bundles to suit your business needs.

Systems Health Check