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So why not safeguard yourself from this risk?

The estimated tax gap between what HMRC should collect & what it does collect is £35 Billion. £17.5 Billion of the tax gap is attributable to Small businesses (£14.1bn) and Individuals (£3.4bn).

Tax and VAT investigations are HMRC’s key tool in reducing this deficit. Sophisticated software is used to identify and target businesses and individuals most likely to have underpaid on their tax.

The Tax Investigation Service gives you FREE professional representation in the event that you are selected by HMRC; backed by an insurance policy that provides up to £100,000 of professional fees.

If you are selected for an investigation you can relax safe in the knowledge that there will be no additional accountancy fees to pay.

Any HMRC Return can be selected for investigation! If you’re selected for an investigation, the best defence is to engage with us as your accountants from the outset.

We will be able to respond to HMRC using our qualified experts who have the experience in dealing with HMRC. Doing so allows you the best chance to bring the matter to an early conclusion. It is also your best chance of mitigating any additional tax that may be due.

protecting you in the event of an investigation

Saving you money and eliminating stress.

Exactly how does this service protect you?

  • It minimises the stress and disruption an investigation causes, by having us act as the ‘middlemen’ between you and HMRC. Our role throughout any type of investigation is to be supporting and protecting you.
  • Saving you money by covering our fees (up to £100,000), which will be due regardless of the investigation’s outcome. The annual cost of this service is far more affordable than the potential costs of having us defend you in an enquiry.  Do also consider that with the current status of government debt, the likelihood of an increase in HMRC investigations is higher than ever.
  • By giving you peace of mind. Like most protection in place to meet an unexpected cost, everyone hopes that it will not be needed, but should HMRC start an enquiry, you will have the peace of mind that we can step in straight away and no further costs will be incurred.

Access to an exclusive HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety advice line!

We know how important effective staff management is to the continued growth and development of your business. That’s why we are proud to partner with Croner Taxwise. This partnership allows you access to an exclusive HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety advice line.

This team of dedicated business consultants can assist you with immediate issues. It can also advise on proactive measures you can take to improve your business. So, if you are concerned by staff contracts & policies, managing staff absences, or redundancies, help is at your fingertips.

Whether you lack an in-house HR function or just need expert insights into HR, staff welfare, or Health & Safety obligations, this service has got you covered. Just dial the advice line and get immediate, comprehensive answers – all part of the exclusive offering we provide in partnership with Croner Taxwise.

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