profit improvement

Planning and enhancing to make your business boom

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Open the door to a more profitable future!

Tailor-made cash flows and forecasting tools

Thorough income and expenditure health check

Full Training for you and your team

Cash flow management by one of our experts

Cash Flow Forecasting

How can we help you?

Let’s forecast ahead and grow your business profits!

Forecasting tools matched to your current accounting system

Detailed and expertly scrutinised review of all income and expenditure.

Corporation Tax rate changes are coming, know your possible tax liabilities, plan ahead.

Profit / Loss Forecasting

How can we help you?

Need a projection of your assets,
liabilities and equity?

Looking for investment, or simply want to plan your future financial position?

Forecasting tools personalised to your current accounting system

Comprehensive and skillfully examined look at all areas of your balance sheet

Complete balance sheet, Profit/Loss and cash flow packages

Balance Sheet Forecasting

How can we help you?

Helping you make the right decisions for your business!

Bespoke analysis of your historical data to establish your business needs

Recommendations on findings, guidance and support for those exciting steps ahead

Financial modeling and tailor-made reporting

Financial Analyst

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Key Performance Indicators are great tools to help you achieve your vision.

From ideal debtor days for better cash inflow, to providing your staff with new motivational targets, get started today!

KPI tools to suit your business aspirations

Expert advice on potential KPI’s and analysis of historical data

Guidance and training on how KPIs can help grow your business


How can we help you?

To succeed, it is essential to not only plan ahead, but to also understand where your business’ money is being spent.

We have a useful tool…

Tailor-made fund flow reports analysing business spend, with expert recommendations on findings.

where did my money go?