The Shift to Email and Understanding Changes to UK Company Law

The recent enactment of The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 has heralded a new era for UK businesses, compelling Companies House to implement pivotal changes. One of the most immediate transformations is slated for implementation around 4 March—subject to parliamentary schedules. This sees the communication shift to email meaning businesses will soon be required to provide an email address to Companies House. In doing so, this marks a significant step towards modernising and streamlining interactions.


Key Changes and What They Mean for You


At the heart of these amendments is the drive to enhance transparency and combat economic crime. The shift to digital communication is just the tip of the iceberg. For a more in-depth understanding of what these changes entail and how they might affect your business, the official Companies House blog provides a comprehensive guide. It’s crucial to stay informed about these developments to ensure compliance and leverage the benefits of the evolving regulatory landscape.

To find out more about what the changes mean for you, see the dedicated government blog.


Further Information and Resources


Beyond the initial changes, The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 introduces a plethora of adjustments. These are aimed at tightening the reins on corporate misconduct. For those eager to dive deeper into the specifics of the Act and its implications for UK companies, a dedicated website has been launched. This resource offers valuable insights into identity verification processes and other critical aspects of the legislation.

To find out more about this, please refer to the government’s official dedicated webpage.




As we navigate these changes, it’s essential for businesses to adapt and prepare for the new requirements. With the deadline for the first change fast approaching, ensuring your company is ready to comply with the new email communication mandate is paramount. By staying informed through the resources provided by Companies House and the dedicated website, businesses can transition smoothly into this new chapter of UK company law, remaining compliant and ahead of the curve.

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