Attending XeroCon always brings a fresh wave of excitement and innovation to the world of accounting. And, this year was no exception! At the forefront of these developments is Xero’s announcement of Just Ask Xero (JAX), an AI business companion set to transform how accounting tasks are managed. Additionally, new features like Tap to Pay and the upcoming Partnership Tax are poised to further enhance the capabilities of Xero, ensuring that businesses and accountants alike can operate with greater efficiency and ease.

Here’s a quick overview of our thoughts fresh from Xerocon!


Xero announces JAX, Xero’s new AI Business Companion, at XeroCon 2024.


As mentioned above, one of the standout announcements from XeroCon 2024 was Just Ask Xero (JAX), a new AI business companion designed to revolutionise how accounting tasks are handled. JAX will automate complex processes, streamline workflows, and provide insightful analytics. Consequently, Xero Cloud Accounting will be more efficient and user-friendly than ever before!


Upcoming Features and Enhancements


  1. Tap to Pay Xero is introducing Tap to Pay. This is a new feature to help businesses get paid faster. With Tap to Pay, businesses can accept payments on the spot directly from the Xero Accounting App. So transactions can be both seamless and efficient!
  2. Partnership Tax Xero is expanding its tax capabilities with Partnership Tax, soon available in beta for UK accountants and bookkeepers. This feature will centralise compliance tasks, reducing the need for multiple practice tools and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  3. Xero Tax Enhancements Xero Tax is also being updated with new features, including partnership and annual accounts and tax returns. These enhancements ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory changes, making it easier for accountants to manage their clients’ tax obligations.


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Similarly impressive to Xero’s offerings, Xerocon 2024 also threw the spotlight onto Dext, SuiteFiles and ApprovalMax’s new offerings.

Dext & SuiteFiles – Dext’s automated data entry solutions continue to transform bookkeeping, while SuiteFiles’ document management system integrates seamlessly with Xero, enhancing document handling and storage.

ApprovalMax – ApprovalMax’s latest offerings look exciting, particularly ApprovalMax Capture and ApprovalMax Pay. These are set to revolutionise approval workflows and payment processes, further integrating with Xero for a streamlined experience.

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