Our Sweet Contribution to Children in Need

On 17th November, the air in Lewis Brownlee’s offices at Chichester, Midhurst, and Whiteley was even sweeter than usual. Our team members rolled up their sleeves for a heartwarming cause, hosting cake bakes across these three locations to support the wonderful Children in Need charity. This wasn’t just about the delicious cakes; it was a testament to our commitment to making a difference.


Making a difference that counts


Those of you familiar with our brand will know that we pledge ourselves to making a difference that really counts. That’s why, for us, our corporate and social responsibility is so important.

That being the case, it’s little surprise then that a humble ‘cake bake’ translated into everything from decadent chocolate cakes to scrumptious sponge cakes. It’s true, our offices were transformed into a baker’s paradise!

The dedication and talent of our bakers were on full display. Indeed, each cake was more than just a treat for the taste buds! They were also a symbol of our collective spirit of generosity. We are incredibly proud to announce that, amongst just our own colleagues, our cakes raised over £200 for Children in Need!!!


A BIG Thank you!


A massive thank you goes out to everyone involved – the bakers, who mixed and whisked their way into our hearts; the cake buyers, whose appetites for both cake and charity knew no bounds; and everyone who contributed to the success of this charity drive this year. Your efforts have truly made a difference.


What Even Small Amounts Make A Big Difference


Participating in Children in Need was especially significant for us at Lewis Brownlee. In our line of work, we understand the value of every figure, no matter how small, and the same principle applies to charity. Every cake sold and every penny raised is a step towards making a lasting impact on the lives of children who need it most. It’s about more than just raising funds; it’s about bringing hope and joy to young lives.

We believe that every little difference adds up to create a big impact. This event was a heartwarming reminder that when a community comes together, the smallest contributions can culminate in a powerful wave of change. So, here’s to many more such initiatives and to continuing to make a difference, one cake at a time!

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