At Lewis Brownlee, we take our commitment to our Corporate and Social Responsibility Programme incredibly seriously! So, we’re excited to share news of one of our latest events with you!

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A Fiery Challenge


On the crisp evening of 20th October, a brave group from our Whiteley team undertook a task that would make most quiver – the Fire Walk Challenge. Six daring individuals – Andrea Todorov, Elise Saunders, Ellie Hall, Ellie Skinner, Mubarak Migil, and Shaun Dodson – faced the flames to raise funds for Wessex Cancer Support, a cause close to our firm’s heart.


About Wessex Cancer Support


Wessex Cancer Support has been a beacon of hope for many in the region. Providing care, support, and advice to those diagnosed with cancer, their work is invaluable. They offer a lifeline during what can be one of the most challenging periods in a person’s life.

From counselling and therapies to support groups and advice on living well after treatment, Wessex Cancer Support’s services have touched countless lives, making a significant difference when it matters the most.

The importance of organisations like Wessex Cancer Support cannot be overstated. It’s not just about treating cancer but about supporting the whole individual, ensuring that they don’t just survive but thrive. The emotional, psychological, and social effects of a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and Wessex offers a haven of support for all these aspects.


Why facing the flames was important to us!


Our firm has always been committed to standing behind causes that resonate with our values and ethos. By supporting Wessex Cancer Support, we are not only acknowledging the tangible work they do but also aligning ourselves with a vision of comprehensive care and unwavering support for all affected by cancer.


The goal for our daring six was to raise £100 each. However, their dedication and the outpouring of support saw them surpass this target, a testament to both their commitment and the generosity of those who supported them. Their fiery walk was not just about the physical challenge but a symbolic act, illustrating the resilience and strength of those battling cancer and the lengths we will go to in supporting them.


We are incredibly proud of Andrea, Elise, Ellie, Mubarak, Ellie S and Shaun. Their fiery endeavour has not only raised funds but also reinforced our firm’s commitment to supporting invaluable causes such as Wessex Cancer Support!

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Feeling the Heat
The Path of hot coals
Ellie Hall
The Flames - Fire Walk Challenge
Ellie doing the Fire Walk Challenge
The fire
The Fire Walk Challenge Six