HMRC scrapping credit card payments

Please be aware that if you are planning to settle your tax bill by using a credit card, you will only have until 12 January 2018 to do this. HMRC have announced that they will no longer be able to accept payment by way of personal credit card. This apparently all has to do with the fact HMRC are no longer able to pass on charges they incur for accepting payment this way to a taxpayer.

The implication is that it is just personal credit cards that will no longer be accepted, so presumably a business credit card could still be used. If you do use a business credit card, and your business is a company, please remember that there could be tax implications if this payment is not then promptly reimbursed to the business.

This change won’t help any individuals who also might have made their payments at the Post Office – as this method of payment has also now been stopped!