The benefits of monitoring Cashflow

What is Cashflow?

Essentially cashflow is the money that moves into and out of a business. Monitoring a company’s cashflow plans for the forecasted and known upcoming costs vs. forecasted and known upcoming income.


What are the benefits of monitoring your businesses Cashflow?

Monitoring cashflow allows for decision-makers in the business to plan for any possible future loan requirements, if there will be any cash to make capital investments and to ensure that the business has enough funds in the bank to make all necessary supplier payments.

Businesses of all sizes need to ensure they have all the necessary income and expenditure covered in their forecasts to understand what their position is likely to be and ensure their survival.


This tool is extremely important to every business, so don’t delay and make sure an effective and well-monitored cashflow forecast is currently being produced in your business!

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Karina Satulaite - Virtual Financial Controller