Advisory fuel rates – small increases from 1 June in most rates

Employers can continue to use the old rates until 30 June.

These advisory fuel rates are used to determine the rate of reimbursement required from employees who do private journeys in a company car (if they wish to avoid the private fuel benefit scale charge) or the rate of non taxable reimbursement they can claim back if they pay for their own fuel for their company car and are to be reimbursed for business journeys.


  • Up to 1400cc 10p (old rate 10p)
  • 1401 to 2000cc 13p (12p)
  • Over 2000cc 20p (19p)


  • Up to 1600cc 9p (8p)
  • 1601 to 2000cc 10p (10p)
  • Over 2000cc 12p (11p)


  • Up to 1400cc 7p (7p)
  • 1401 to 2000cc 9p (8p)
  • Over 2000cc 13p (13p)