Virtual Financial Controller

Making the steps to help your business grow

Elite Support

Our Virtual FC’s can support your business needs in a way that most employees can’t. They are professionals in what they do.

We're a team

You would have access to the skills of our entire team, not just one person.

Review of Processes

We can review and provide potential improvements to your current procedures and processes.


Our Accounts team have a vast range of knowledge and training so your’re always in expert hands

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Cash Flow Monitoring

As we all know, cash is king. Monitoring your cash flow can be key to improving your business practices.

Debt Collection

We’ll ensure that you’re not leaving your businesses debt collection to chance.

Do you need a helping hand?

Our Virtual FC’s can provide you with the flexibility and skills needed to give you that extra help

How can we help you?

  • Making sure you meet statutory deadlines in time and showing you a better way to manage your cashflows. A vital tool that can prevent companies from making costly mistakes in their forecasting which could potentially put the company into financial difficulty.
  • Have you had issues trying to recruit someone suitable with the correct qualifications and background? Or due to the restrictions on the hours you can provide or are needed by the business? By not being tied in to paying a high salary to an in-house financial controller, the role can be filled by one of our Virtual FC’s whose fee is based on a daily rate, meaning your money isn’t wasted on resources that aren’t needed. 
  • We can give you a new insight into how processes can be done to replace the “this is how we’ve always done it” attitude that can often mean businesses are not doing things in an efficient or profitable way. This can benefit your internal procedures and staff morale by solving problems that have always arisen, but haven’t been solved.
  • This provides you with all the skills of an in-house financial controller plus the skills from our entire firm. It offers your company assurance that things are being completed correctly and the company is progressing as accounting practices evolve and update.

Lewis Brownlee Virtual Financial Controllers



What is a Virtual Financial Controller?

What is a Virtual Financial Controller?

We discuss what the role of a Virtual Financial Controller (VFC) is and what they can provide. If you run a business and cannot justify employing a full time qualified chartered accountant to help you manage your finances, then a VFC is the answer to your prayers!