UK Company Size Thresholds Are on the Rise: Streamlining Corporate Reporting

In a notable move to reduce the complexity and burden associated with legislative reporting, the UK government has decided to increase the monetary thresholds that define company sizes by 50%. This initiative is part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at easing the UK’s regulatory framework. In particular, it focusses on non-financial reporting. So, what are the full details of these changes? And, more pointedly, what are the implications for UK businesses?


Regulatory Relief for UK Businesses


Revising the monetary thresholds for company sizes clearly shows an intention to simplify the regulatory landscape for businesses. By increasing these thresholds, the aim is to make it easier for companies to understand and meet their reporting obligations. In doing so, the hope is to thereby reduce the administrative burden businesses’ face. Understandably, the change is expected to have a broad impact and will likely affect numerous aspects of non-financial reporting and compliance.


Key Changes and Their Impact


The changes will come in from financial years beginning on or after 1 October 2024. When they do, the new measures will see a significant adjustment in the thresholds that categorise company sizes. Micro entities will now have a turnover threshold of not more than £1m. That’s an increase from £632,000. Small companies will see their threshold rise from £10.2m to not more than £15m in turnover. For upper medium companies, the new threshold will be not more than £54m. Additionally, the balance sheet total thresholds will be adjusted accordingly. As uch, new limits will be set at not more than £500,000 for micro entities, £7.5m for small, and £27m for upper medium companies, with any amount above £27m categorising a company as large.


Towards a More Efficient Reporting Framework


This adjustment in company size thresholds is a pivotal step towards refining the UK’s approach to corporate reporting. By simplifying these thresholds, the hope is that some 132,000 businesses will be relieved from the intricate non-financial reporting requirements previously in place. The government also plans to streamline what is required in annual reports and facilitate easier digital filing of these documents.


Future Consultations and Enhancements


The government’s commitment to enhancing the corporate reporting environment extends beyond these immediate changes. Plans for future consultations include redefining the criteria for medium-sized companies. So, we could see a potential relaxing of the requirements for producing a strategic report. There’s also a proposal to adjust the definition of a medium-sized company to include those with up to 500 employees, an increase from the current 250. Moreover, this initiative includes significant support for small businesses through apprenticeship funding and adjustments to the apprenticeship levy transfer rules.


A Modernised Corporate Reporting Landscape


The recent announcements represent a crucial step towards a modernised, more streamlined corporate reporting framework in the UK. By raising the monetary thresholds for defining company sizes and revising reporting requirements, the government is significantly reducing the regulatory burden on businesses. These changes, aimed at simplifying compliance and fostering a supportive environment for business growth, underscore the UK’s ongoing commitment to leading in corporate governance and reporting standards.


In Summary…


The UK’s effort to raise monetary thresholds for company sizes and amend reporting requirements marks a significant move towards minimising legislative complexity and compliance burdens for businesses. This latest initiative promises to make corporate reporting more manageable for a wide range of companies, fostering a more efficient and less cumbersome regulatory environment. But, (as ever!) staying abreast of the changes, will be crucial to businesses’ continued success. So, if you are unsure of how the changes might impact yours, please be sure to seek advice from a reputable accountant (like us!)



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