The school bells are chiming once more to welcome students back from their summer holidays. So, we at Lewis Brownlee find ourselves reflecting on our earnest commitment to nurturing future leaders. Earlier this summer, we had the profound pleasure of participating in a vital initiative at Bishop Luffa School – a stepping stone towards preparing the youth for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their professional paths.


Collaborative Growth and Learning


In collaboration with the Rotary Club, our team took part in a mock interview event crafted especially for Year 10.

This remarkable endeavour brought together a vibrant ensemble of professionals from diverse fields. It was wonderful to see so many people united by the common goal of fostering confidence and equipping students with the necessary skills to excel in future interview scenarios.

A Role of Mentorship


As you might expect, our involvement was not merely as interviewers but as mentors! And, it was truly wonderful to be able to help guide young minds. For us, we could see, as the day progressed, how the students evolved from tentative participants to confident individuals, ready to showcase their unique qualities and ambitions. Being an integral part of this journey of growth resonated profoundly with our core values at Lewis Brownlee. We do indeed believe in the power of education and the impact of personal development.

Witnessing Transformation


The event began with an enlightening briefing session by members of the Rotary Club. This was designed to ease the students into the process and prepare them for the forthcoming interviews. As the students navigated through the session, it was heartening to witness the burgeoning confidence with each progressive step. The crescendo of this enriching experience was a formal interview where the students were encouraged to present themselves. They did so extremely effectively, answering a diverse set of questions and receiving (hopefully!) invaluable feedback to refine their approach.

A Commitment to Education and Community


We take immense pride in being advocates for educational growth and holistic development. Our participation in events like these is a testimony to our dedication towards fostering a culture of learning and growth, particularly as students tread the critical transition from education to the professional realm. As the students step back into school corridors, armed with renewed vigour for the academic year ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to playing a constructive role in shaping the bright futures that lay before them.

Looking Ahead to a Brighter Future


This initiative aligned seamlessly with our broader vision of community engagement and empowerment. We firmly believe that nurturing the youth’s potential today is an investment in a prosperous and enlightened society tomorrow. As such, we eagerly look forward to more opportunities where we can continue to contribute and make a difference in the lives of the young members of our community.

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