Lewis Brownlee have been Xero Partners for 10 years!

Here is a question for you… What have David Cameron becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Kate Middleton becoming engaged to Prince William and Lewis Brownlee signing up to be a Xero partner have in common? The answer is that they all took place in 2010. Yes, ten years ago the world was a different place and how things have changed.

Double entry bookkeeping has been around for approximately 700 years, but in 2010 Xero was revolutionising the way bookkeeping was being processed by using the internet.  Lewis Brownlee being a well-established firm in Chichester could see the way the future was going; we decided to become a Xero partner and undertook to bring this notion of online bookkeeping to our clients.

Back in 2010 bank feeds for bookkeeping software were a fairly new concept, the first apps had been launched to supplement Xero and the idea that you could run your accounts package from your mobile phone was still a long way away (the iPhone 3 only launched in 2009).

Roll forward 10 years to 2020, Xero and Lewis Brownlee are both going from strength to strength. Lewis Brownlee are a Gold Partner with Xero and have over 25 Xero certified accountancy staff. 400 of our clients use Xero every day with a vast array of apps to help them run their businesses. We use Xero for our own internal bookkeeping with a variety of different apps helping us in our day-to-day running of the business. Xero can now be used on your mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world. Whilst on the Xero app marketplace there are over 900 separate apps providing a wide range of functionality for a variety of different industries. 

We might have had a royal wedding or two a change of Prime Minister, but Lewis Brownlee and Xero are still going strong. We are looking forward to our future working with Xero, so here’s to the next ten years.

If you are interested in working with Lewis Brownlee or using Xero to move your business forward or already are a Xero user and wish to discuss applications that may help your business, then please feel free to contact us.

You can call on 01243 782 423 or head to our contact form!