Lewis Brownlee Champions Empowerment Gala for The Prince’s Trust ‘Change A Girl’s Life’ Initiative

At Lewis Brownlee, our commitment to fostering empowerment and opportunity shone brightly as we proudly sponsored the Freya Rose gala in support of The Prince’s Trust ‘Change A Girl’s Life’ initiative. This prestigious event, held on Friday evening, underscored our shared vision with Freya Rose: uplifting and supporting women in their journey towards success.


Changing a Girl’s life


The ‘Change A Girl’s Life’ initiative by The Prince’s Trust is a powerful movement aimed at transforming the future for young women across the UK. By providing the necessary tools, mentoring, and resources, the programme empowers girls to break through barriers, pursue their dreams, and create promising futures. This resonates deeply with our values at Lewis Brownlee, as we strive to enact positive change and offer support where it’s most needed.


The Balloon Extravaganza


The highlight of the night, seamlessly blending festivity with philanthropy, was the Balloon Game orchestrated by Lewis Brownlee. Andrea Todorov, our Head of Whiteley, delivered a riveting speech that culminated in an exciting balloon popping ceremony. The room erupted with vibrant orange confetti, with the exception of one balloon that released a shower of winning white confetti. The lucky holder won the sumptuous £300 Fortnum and Mason Christmas Hamper, we donated. This joyous moment symbolised the burst of opportunity and fortune that The Prince’s Trust aims to provide for every girl.


Offering Support


Supporting Freya Rose and The Prince’s Trust in this gala was not just a sponsorship; it was a declaration of our dedication to social responsibility and the empowerment of the next generation of women. It was an honour to contribute to such a meaningful cause and witness the tangible excitement and hope generated through our collaboration.


Giving Back…


At Lewis Brownlee, we understand the significance of giving back, and we are thrilled to have played a pivotal role in the success of this event. It is through actions like these that we continue to make a lasting impact and embody the change we wish to see in the world.

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Preparing the balloons
Board and Balloons re Empowerment Gala
Balloons at The Empowerment Gala
Preparing the gala
The Balloon Game instructions
Leah and Elise
Leah and Elise ready for the Empowerment Gala