We’re here to help!

As the dust now begins to settle into this new normal, we wanted to let you know how we can offer Business Support to you!

1. Keeping you informed

You can access our Coronavirus Help Centre to read our regularly updated Government Support Guide, plus if you follow us on our Social Media pages we regularly share information and updates.

2. Cash flow projections

We are proud to be providing all our clients, who use Xero or Quickbooks Online with FREE artificial intelligence cash flow prediction software. Alternatively we have provided free and easy to use Excel & Word Cash Flow Tools and Templates.

3. Applications for funding

We are seeing bank loan approvals coming through very quickly but only if there is a robust cash flow and business plan. We can help in guiding you through this process and supplying you with the supporting financial information that you require for a successful application.

4. Business remodelling

We have no doubt that when “normality” resumes, things will have changed. Now is the time to review income streams and costs. Is there anything that can be done to improve matters whilst arguably you have the time to do so? The government support for furloughed employees has been a huge relief for lots of businesses, but it is only a short term solution. Is it simply kicking the problem down the road? Sadly some businesses will be faced with an unavoidable need to make redundancies.  How much is that likely to cost the business in the short term? With our team’s skills and experience we can assist you with your decision making processes.

5. Other business opportunities? 

We have seen many examples of businesses tweaking what they do, such as Garden Centres taking orders over the phone/website and providing delivery services or collection slots.  Pubs and restaurants offering take away services. These are viewed as doing what is needed to survive at the moment, however it could be that you find an opportunity within this crisis that fundamentally moves your business forward in a whole new direction?

6. Business Support Services

Our team offer a diverse range of skills and expertise, and we want to offer our support to your business.

Some of the services we can assist you with include:
Bookkeeping Support – Let us carry the burden of your bookkeeping should you be missing your finance staff. On a no fixed term basis, with a 14 day notice period and available at an affordable hourly rate to suit your needs.
Payroll Services – As payroll functions become more complex and confusing, why not consider using our professional Payroll team who can ensure your businesses payroll is done in a timely and compliant manner.
Cash Flow Monitoring –  Ensuring that your business maintains a healthy and consistent cash flow is vital during these strenuous times. We can monitor and help you manage your business cash flow so your business doesn’t suffer due to bad cash flow management.

The Lewis Brownlee team are currently working remotely and our team are fully equipped at home with a networked telephone, emails, hosted environments and Teams for video meetings. Our modern approach means we can facilitate electronic approvals of documents plus our team are trained in multiple cloud accounting packages.

If you have any questions, or would just like to speak to someone as to how your business can survive and thrive through this, please get in touch! You can call us on 01243 782 423 or head to our contact page.

Stay safe!