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Arun (GB) Limited

4 January 2019

"Lewis Brownlee's most important strength is their understanding of their clients' needs."


P. A. Hayers Limited

21 December 2018

"I like the pain taken out of the accounts and Lewis Brownlee do that for me."


Allen Auxiliary Ltd

28 August 2018

"I have been using the company for many years and have been happy with the service they provide. I have got to know some staff very well and have a lot of support."


Regnum Estates Limited

8 May 2018

"Lewis Brownlee offer a helpful, efficient and very professional service. "


Dentatec Limited

13 April 2018

"Very prompt with accounts, 1 week turn around - excellent."


Mrs S Lunt

22 March 2018

"All the team are fantastic. Communication, patience and warmth are their most important strengths."


Mr J R Heap

9 March 2018

"Good work all round; from Reception to John Blackwell."


Mr M J B Mills

6 February 2018

"Lewis Brownlee's most important strength is their helpful and straightforward advice."


ACJ Credit Management Ltd

16 January 2018

"Lewis Brownlee have been my Accountants for over 20 years. They complete an excellent set of accounts, which I would not be able to prepare on my own each year, and advise me throughout the year when various statutory documents etc. need filing without me having to think about it." 


N J and S F Watkin

7 November 2017

"Mr John Blackwell has always looked after our affairs 100% and has helped many times over the phone with 'worrying matters'. Also your front office ladies are charming, helpful and efficient. (So rare these days)."


Blendworth International Limited

4 October 2017

"The service we have received from Lewis Brownlee has been outstanding. They are professional and reliable." 


Tingard Limited

31 July 2017

"All staff were, without exception, courteous and professional. Lewis Brownlee provide an outstanding service with prompt and clear communication."


Wayne Moore Ltd

28 June 2017

"Their most important strength is maintaining a good-humoured long term relationship, and being accessible for advice."


Oak Spire Limited

9 May 2017

"Reliable and informative advice, prompt responses when we need them! Great service." 


Miss W Field

14 March 2017

"Pleasant and efficient service with a personal touch. Their most important strengths are courtesy and personal attention - also receptionists."


 Mr T R Fleming

28 February 2017

"Lewis Brownlee's most important strengths are the quick responses when needed and the courtesy all the staff show."


Mr B J Newsom

23 February 2017

Their most important strength is attentiveness to my needs - this was my first self assessment, so I appreciated the guidance. I am also very busy, so appreciated the reminders to take action. Excellent communications - I received replies to queries very quickly and Tom was patient with me when I delayed."


Chichester Haulage Services Limited

16 February 2017

"Very professional and always there to answer questions or advice. All your staff look after us well and have done for many years."


Mr J G Jones

8 February 2017

"All of the staff are excellent and helpful. Lewis Brownlee's most important strength is their ability to advise on all areas of tax - Company, personal and trusts."


Mr I J Fowler

26 January 17

"A robust and highly professional service. Their most important strengths are credibility and knowledge."


Showmode Limited 

9 January 17

"From my initial interaction with David Houston I have found him to be extremely helpful and courteous. Advice has been clear and simply presented; I am very happy so far with the work and service received."


Mrs W-A Fleming

4 January 17

"Their most important strengths are reasonable fees and a positive attitude."


Ms P J Owen

19 December 16

"Knowledgeable & Proactive service. I feel my accounts are safe in their hands."


Mr J Clegg

5 December 16

“I have worked with Michael over many years – I have always found him patient, courteous, highly efficient and altogether outstanding.”


Miss M Lewis

24 November 16

"Michael Merritt always goes above and beyond! He always provides the appropriate level of information and support to ensure our accounts are as stress free as possible!"


Mrs V E Evans

18 November 16

"Lewis Brownlee and all their staff have looked after my tax affairs for a long time. They are and have always been efficient, courteous and extremely helpful in ensuring I understand what to me are complex tax affairs."


K Leo & C Holcombe Client Services Group

9 November 16

"Lewis Brownlee have been providing various services to our Companies for over 10 years, William Neville has been invaluable with his knowledge. Jayne Tressler, Theresa Woodland and many others have always been incredibly efficient and extremely competent, we cannot recommend them enough. The levels of professionalism and courtesy conveyed by the staff are a credit to the Directors of this firm."


Reverend D H Thornley

3 November 16

"The support we need is fairly basic but we do appreciate the support and work done on our behalf."


Mr N J Watkin

28 October 16

"Always a pleasure to come to your company office, the front desk ladies are always a joy to meet. Mr J Blackwell helps us to understand and deal with things we really do not understand. We have been with you for many years."


Mr N A Chambers

18 October 16

"It's always a pleasure to contact all their staff. Tom always answered my questions in a friendly but professional manner and instructions from him are clean and precise and easy to understand."


Italy Imported

14 October 16

"Mel and Sarah do an outstanding job; very helpful, patient and understanding. You always have time on the phone which is very important."


Mrs V Frears

5 October 16

"Mr Merritt did an outstandingly good job. The service provided has always been prompt, courteous and thorough."


Executive Refurbishing Limited

20 September 16

"This firm excels in client relationships and do their utmost to help resolve problems in a friendly and courteous way."


Mr I Robinson

12 September 16

"I have used Lewis Brownlee's services for both tax and pensions advice/support. Their support and client-focused service ethic is outstanding, as is their professional advice. I wish I had found them years ago!"


Ms S Lunt 

2 September 16

"Lewis Brownlee can be relied on to provide a prompt, helpful & considered service, no matter how small your business or if you are a sole trader." 


Mrs D Collins

23 August 16 

"They provide an excellent service. I have complete trust in Lewis Brownlee."


Peter Caldecott Limited 

11 August 16

"John Blackwell, Kay Forshaw and Theresa Woodland did an outstanding job - Everything was faultless, as always. No mistakes, and a first class service all round!"


Ms V Buyers

4 August 16

"Their most important strength is friendliness and amazing efficiency!"


Ms A Stimpson

29 July 16

"Good customer relationships - Personal support and knowledge of customers and circumstances."


Dr A Russell

18 July 16

"For those whose tax affairs & figures are always difficult, Lewis Brownlee provide the best possible help; knowledge, speed, reliability and explanation of everything involved."


Mr M A Boyd

8 July 2016 

"Have always had efficient & courteous service for the past twenty years."


Mr T W Jones

22 June 2016

"Lewis Brownlee is just very good all round and most helpful and Michael Merritt is always nice and helpful."


Fairacres Arts Projects Ltd

17 June 2016

"Melanie Phillips has been very helpful, explaining information clearly and responding speedily to any queries. Lewis Brownlee's most important strength is they're helpful, give clear information, and their efficiency."


Matsue Engineering Ltd

3 June 2016

"Very helpful friendly staff, from reception to all staff. Nothing is too much bother, highly recommend."


Graham Stone Consulting Ltd

24 May 16

"Lewis Brownlee provide a superb service, allowing me to focus on doing my job. Couldn't recommend more highly!"


Mr I Haines

19 April 16

“It has been a pleasure to deal with Tom Foster and the team at Lewis Brownlee.  Tom has been extremely responsive to queries throughout the process, and additionally the newsletters provide a very useful summary of taxation changes, and relevant information.”


Miss M Lewis

2 February 16

"I have never known a more patient and friendly team. Michael Merritt is the most personable accountant I've ever known."


Mrs H K Newsom

19 January 16

"Not just efficient but courteous too. Excellent."


Mr W R Hughes

5 January 16

"Lewis Brownlee provides an excellent service with real attention to detail and a genuine interest in getting me the best outcome. Clarity and appropriateness of advice and deication is their most important strength." 


Fun Box Day Nursery Limited

31 December 15

 "It has been a pleasure working with Mel during the year and we are very pleased with her work and professionalism. As you know we are a very small account of yours but we have never felt that we had been neglected or been handled as 'second class' costumers. I'm very glad to work with your company and wish you the very best for the future."


Capital Compactors Ltd

10 December 15

"We believe that the subject of ‘Auto-Enrolment’ put the fear of God into a lot of small businesses, especially with the mention of deadlines and potential penalties for not completing the formalities correctly - we were no different.  We have therefore really appreciated the support of the staff at Lewis Brownlee during the set up of our Pension Scheme, as they have answered all of the questions we have asked and have been fully involved in completing the required submissions and formalities.  The Scheme is now up and running and the whole process has been relatively pain free, thanks to them."


Mr J E Sewell

30 November 15

"Michael Merritt's knowledge of the fiscal world is second to none. Simply the best Chartered Accountants in West Sussex."


Mr C Willis

12 November 15

"Good value for money! Everyone I have had contact with has been very helpful. Their most important strength is helping me understand the benefits available. Always easy to deal with and make the complex world of accounting easy for me to understand."


Mr R Howard

3 November 15

"My demands on your service have been modest but were carried out faultlessly, therefore I can respond only with positive enthusiasm to all questions on your client satisfaction survey - simply outstanding. I would recommend Mr Tom Foster to anyone seeking taxation advice."


Mr and Mrs Hobbs

26 October 15

“We normally deal with Mr Merritt who we find has a positive attitude; he explains relevant issues and sorts our tax affairs in a very efficient manner. Lewis Brownlee's most important strengths are their knowledge of current tax regulations and how they apply to individual circumstances as well as their pleasant staff. We find their service very helpful and it enables us to understand the intricacies of the tax issues.”


Miss G from Chichester

19 September 15

"Always a smile, if they cannot help then they will find someone who can. They are patient and dependable."


Mr G Gardiner

11 September 15

"Lewis Brownlee have always provided a very courteous and efficient service. I have been a client since the 1960's and all members of your staff have been very helpful."


Mrs V Frears

4 September 15

"Michael Merritt has been my advisor for 5 years and I have been completely satisfied with his service."


Mr M Normanton 

17 August 15

"They are a very friendly and helpful company; nothing is too much trouble."


Jarrah Venables Ltd

8 August 15

"Lewis Brownlee's most important strength is their sound advice and their ability of simplifying things for me!"


Harbour Chandlers Ltd

27 Jul 15

"We have used Mel at Lewis Brownlee for the last four years to do our year end accounts. She is a breath of fresh air, her first act was to help our internal bookkeeper sort out our trial balance, and ever after she has provided the support that we need in a cheerful and helpful way. We will continue to use Lewis Brownlee for the foreseeable future."


Matsue Engineering Ltd

6 Jul 15

"Very helpful company! Friendly staff, always keep you informed and up to date with business."


Gavin Gardiner Ltd

12 Feb 15

"Excellent service from day one.  Lewis Brownlee have always made an effort to understand exactly how my business works, and provide all the advice and support we could possibly need."


The Sussex HR Hub

11 Feb 15

"The Sussex HR Hub provides HR support and advice to businesses across the South East. Lewis Brownlee have been my accountants since the company's foundation and have always taken time to understand what is important to my business and respond accordingly. I deal with several members of the Lewis Brownlee team in relation to company accounts, tax planning, book-keeping and payroll and their practical approach helps to keep my business on track and accounting up-to-date.  Their support in enabling me to use on-line book-keeping has been invaluable and ensures I can access real-time financial information at any time.  The combination of technical expertise and friendly staff makes Lewis Brownlee a pleasure to work with." 


Mr K E P from Surrey

11 Feb 15

"Brownlee have completed my accounts for some fifty years.  The personal contact has been much appreciated."


Dr A K R from Chichester

11 Feb 15

"Lewis Brownlee's services give me peace of mind.  I know I can rely absolutely on the firm to take the necessary action to give me good advice."


Mr T R M from Chichester

11 Feb 15

"My accountants since 1987, I would not use anyone else."


Mrs J M L from Chichester

11 Feb 15

"If you are seeking a company with knowledge, professionalism and integrity then look no further than Lewis Brownlee.  They are dedicated to their clients and strive to build relationships."


English Woodlands Timber Ltd

7th January 2015

"We have been clients of Lewis Brownlee for many years. They take a proactive approach to the work they do and showed this by developing a template to enable our year end accounts to be completed within a very tight deadline. This proved to be both efficient and cost effective."


Classic Carriages Ltd

6th January 2015

"All the staff at Lewis Brownlee do an excellent job for our company.  We consider their most important strength to be customer service and professionalism."


Chichester Haulage Services Ltd

6th January 2015

"Lewis Brownlee have looked after our company for many years and they do it very well!  We consider their most important strength to be that they communicate and maintain good contact with us."


Classic Carriages Ltd

6th January 2015

"All the staff at Lewis Brownlee do an excellent job for our company. We consider their most important strength to be customer service and professionalism. About "


Format Office Furniture Ltd

6th January 2015

"We are very satisfied with the work carried out by Lewis Brownlee on our behalf. David Houston gave a very professional presentation of our accounts, clearly explaining our report and responsibilities. The accounts were prepared by an agreed deadline and all the employees of the business are professional, courteous and friendly."


Jarrah Venables Ltd

6th January 2015

"Lewis Brownlee are reactive and able to explain my accounting and taxation in language I understand."


Mr C G M from Midhurst

6th January 2015

"As a new client to this practice for my company and personal tax affairs, I have been impressed by their level of personal attention and advice"


Mr C from Chichester

6th January 2015

"Lewis Brownlee have a vast knowledge of tax affairs, which they can call upon and explain to the layman with courtesy and a complete absence of waffle!"


Mr and Mrs F from Chichester

6th January 2015

"We have always found Lewis Brownlee to be friendly and very helpful indeed."


Mrs A P S from Worthing

6th January 2015

"I am always impressed by the high level of personal involvement and response on any query or information request. I also really appreciate the opportunities provided to me for regular review of my finances."


Solent Planning Ltd

6th January 2015

"Lewis Brownlee always does an outstanding job – in particular, Melanie Phillips is always very helpful and quick to respond to any queries."


Mr R S from Ferring

6th January 2015

"My wife and I have great faith in the ability of Michael Merritt and are confident that our financial affairs are dealt with in an efficient manner."


Mr J N I from Itchenor

6th January 2015

"I think Lewis Brownlee is a thoroughly professional company and I am glad that are handling all my tax affairs."


Mr N A C from Bognor Regis

6th January 2015

"Thank you for making our annual tax return so straight forward!"


CGS Civils Ltd

3rd December 2014

"A fantastic, friendly and fully transparent service. Highly recommended!" - Chris Slade, CGS Civils Ltd.


Incodia Ltd

3rd December 2014

"Always helpful and informative, Lewis Brownlee have provided us with an excellent service. Their depth of knowledge and the thoroughness with which they explore every detail has left me very impressed."


Mr W from Westbourne

4th November 2014

"Lewis Brownlee have been fantastic to work with, providing me with exactly what I needed in a timely manner."


BEA Holdings Ltd

6th May 2014

"I have been a client of Lewis Brownlee for many years.  They provide an outstanding service, with their most important strength being the quality of advice they provide".


Dr R from Chichester

31st March 2014

"I find the service provided by all at Lewis Brownlee to be excellent and I shall continue to use them in the future."


Dr R from Chichester

31st March 2014

"I find the service provided by all at Lewis Brownlee to be excellent and I shall continue to use them in the future."


Hodgson Events - Petworth

3rd March 2014

"Lewis Brownlee continues to be attentive and thorough with the ability to provide clear advice. Sarah Alexander and Mel Phillips are always helpful and work well together to support us. We trust Lewis Brownlee and enjoy working with them – keep doing what you’re doing as we’re very happy."


Mr J from Bognor Regis

29th January 2014

"The service given is always polite, friendly and helpful."


TVR Car Club Limited

7th January 2014

"Lewis Brownlee always give an excellent and friendly service".


Mr I S from Chichester

7th January 2014

"The staff at Lewis Brownlee are always courteous and quick to answer queries both for my business and personal tax affairs".


Mr P R S from Chichester

7th January 2014

"I have used Lewis Brownlee for my personal tax affairs for many years and have always found them to be responsive, helpful and professional".


Mrs F from Worthing

7th January 2014

"I have also found Lewis Brownlee to be efficient, well informed and very co-operative."


TVR Car Club Limited

7th January 2014

"Lewis Brownlee always give an excellent and friendly service."


Mr S from Chichester

10th December 2013

"I have used Lewis Brownlee for my personal tax affairs for many years and have always found them to be responsive, helpful and professional"


Mr T W Jones from Chichester

18th November 2013

"The service I have received from Lewis Brownlee has been good for many years."


R T Page and Sons Limited

15th November 2013

"We have used Lewis Brownlee for many years. The help and advice they have given us when we were struggling as a company was invaluable.
We would be happy to recommend them to anyone."


Hillway Surgical Limited

4th November 2013

"We are very happy with Lewis Brownlee's efforts and the fees are perfectly reasonable for the excellent services given. Lewis Brownlee are always courteous and give us straight answers from the pool of differently skilled staff.Updated November 2014: We have been with the company for years and cannot remember any occasion when we did not receive an excellent service, advice or response."


Peter Caldecott Limited

30th October 2013

"Everything, as there have never been any problems at all, with John Blackwell and Theresa Woodland both always faultless."


KTS Estate Management Limited

30th October 2013

"John Blackwell and Kay Forshaw provide an excellent service and are always most helpful and respond efficiently to any questions we may have."


Paul Temple Associates Limited

27th February 2013

"Lewis Brownlee has provided us with a first class service many years. Our various accounts, tax and payroll requirements are dealt with speedily and effectively by a highly professional and expert team. Not only do they solve problems but they also offer practical advice and suggestions on how to best organise our business finances. Their personal touch makes it a pleasure to work with the company."


Mr G from Bognor Regis

26th October 2012

"I have been a client since the mid 1960s and have great confidence in your service."


Anisclo Limited

20th June 2012

"Close personal service.  Access to a partner if required".


Executive Refurbishing Ltd

11th May 2012

"The staff at Lewis Brownlee I deal with on a day to day basis are always helpful, everything that I request is attended to efficiently. Nothing seems to be too much for them. Lewis Brownlee's greatest strength is their attention to detail".



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