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Auditors in Chichester, Midhurst, Surrey and Hampshire

We pride ourselves on providing you with:

  • An audit designed for your needs, rather than an audit based on a set of procedures.
  • An audit carried out efficiently by experienced staff, who will ensure you understand the issues and choices you have made in agreeing your financial statements.
  • Quality advice following the audit provided at two levels: firstly, the significant issues for those charged with governance; and secondly, helpful suggestions to assist your day-to-day accounting staff.
  • Where applicable, a combined approach with group auditors. We work with a number of 'Big 4' firms based in Europe and the USA, providing individually designed audit services to UK subsidiaries to meet their needs.
  • Time is limited for all finance departments. Our efficient audit and support services save your staff time, while providing the assistance that you need.

We set a benchmark for our competitors by ensuring that:

  • We use qualified accountants to lead our on-site services.
  • Our trainees spend time training as accountants before they join our audit teams.
  • Our audit staff are accountants who specialise in audit, rather than just auditors.

If you would like to receive a better quality audit, please contact a member of our Chichester audit team.

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